About Me

Hello! My name is Mehek (mah-heck). It means content creator, pop culture aficionado, blogger and entertainment/film/music geek.

It also means fragrance.

Mehek Biography About Me

I call Toronto my home and the world my playground, but really I just reside in whichever Panera Bread I can find closest to me.

What The Mehek is my space to share, comment and discuss all the things that I find interesting, appealing and intriguing, likely in the realm of attempts at recipes, reactions and reviews to pop culture, music, film and entertainment and personal anecdotes from my travels and adventures.

I am always interested in partnering with brands, organizations and fellow creators, swapping stories in the digisphere and producing content for digital platforms. I am also actively job hunting  for a new role in content development, social media and/or digital marketing. You can view my portfolio here.

You can connect with me via Twitter or send me a note!


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