The Overload (Trailer Edition): Civil War! Batman vs. Superman! Girls!

Welcome to The Overload, where I present a collection of quasi-stale pop culture bits and news and noms and talk about them like they’re as fresh as theatre popcorn. This week’s edition focuses on trailers because apparently nothing feeds a post-American Thanksgiving soul more than superheroes fighting each other and HBO shows…or at least the prospect of those things. 

Captain America and Iron Man Are Divorcing (CIVIL WAR TRAILER!)

I love me some Marvel Cinematic Universe as much as the next guy (which would be my dad, who enjoys anything with explosions) but there aren’t too many in the collection that are as strong of an offering as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Russo Brothers directed a compelling political drama the featured superheroes and S.H.I.E.L.D.; by the looks of the melodramatic breakup between Captain America and Iron Man in this trailer, Captain America: Civil War doesn’t quite look like it’ll follow suit (save for that Iron Man vs. Captain America/Winter Soldier Sega Genesis battle at the end.) With that said, Civil War is going to have a huge impact on the MCU and could propel a lot of great storytelling in the Phase 3 films to come, including the upcoming Sony-Marvel partnered Spiderman reboot (with the titular character set to appear in Civil War) and the big cinematic battle that we’re all really waiting for, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2. The real winning point in this trailer: Black Panther makes his debut in the MCU.

The Trial of the Century Returns To Television on American Crime Story

I was a little kid when the O.J. Simpson murder trial took place but its significance, both historically and in popular culture, is not lost on me. I don’t think there will be one generation that will ever go without coming across a reference, parody or journalism piece on the trial, and American Crime Story may be the way for many to connect with the story today. I’m excited for this  Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror StoryScream Queens)-produced series because it appears to play off of the publicity and public perception that gave way to this highly controversial case worldwide. I’ll need someone to confirm how accurate David Schwimmer’s portrayal of Robert Kardashian is when the show airs, but I’ll be tuning in regardless.

Batman vs. Superman: A Comedy?

I know a lot of people hated Man of Steel and its poor characterization, senseless destruction, etc, but I actually didn’t think it was so disastrous.  It feels like director Zack Snyder is conscious of that commentary based on some of the plot hints in the Batman vs. Superman trailers as he continues to attempt to drive the DC film into the gritty, dark realm that made Nolan’s iconic Batman trilogy. I think there could be potential for a film that may satisfy moviegoers more than the predecessor if Snyder consciously strives for more authentic characterization. It is, however, challenging to hope for that outcome when you’ve got Jesse Eisenberg as a cartoon-y Lex Luthor, which may have worked for say, Jim Carrey as The Riddler, but not Lex Luthor. I think this is yet another divisive moment in the DC cinematic universe which I’ll have to completely reserve my judgment for when I see the movie in 2016.

“Girls” Grows Up in Season 5

Thematically, HBO’s Girls is one show that reflects the tumultuous weirdness of millennial adults pretty well, and it seems that in the fifth season, Shosh, Jessa, Marlie and Hannah are finally on the precipice of the adulthood that their parents always wished they would embrace. Will every episode start with a different song from Adele’s ’25’? Likely.


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