The Overload: WTF – Missy Elliott’s Back, I Hated Spectre and Snowpiercer as a TV Show?!

Missy Elliott’s Triumphant Return With WTF (Where They From)

I grew up during the rise and peak of Missy Elliott’s career, which were years of genre-bending hip-hop, feminism, ADIDAS contracts and some of the best dancing in music videos for that time.  Yesterday, Missy Elliott returned with the Pharrell-featured “WTF (Where They From)” and a video for the new song, which have everything that make Missy’s music as iconic as it is: cheeky rhymes, infectious beat, funky outfits and well, Missy. Welcome back!!

Update: Master of None is fantastic!

I wrote in last week’s post about my excitement for Aziz Ansari’s new show, Master of None, and now after binging it, I can truly say that it is a fantastic show. It poses a lot of questions and conversations surrounding minority representation, feminism, modern romance (not Aziz’s book, though I’m sure there’s cross-over points) and the immigrant experience in a really poignant, hilarious and heartwarming way. There are a lot of interesting conversations coming out of the show, particularly from Ansari, who has remained quiet on many of the issues that the show tackles for so long. I am going to write a full review, but I can confirm that episode two, “Parents”, is not just scarily accurate, but it’s also the most insightful episode for me on a personal level.

Pop Stars Battle: One Direction vs. Justin Bieber(But Make Way For Alessia Cara)

Today is a big day for Beliebers and Directioners and the pacifist middle group, Belieboners (erm, Directbers?) because both are releasing new albums at a critical point in their respective careers. However, I would like to turn your attention to up-and-comer nineteen year-old Alessia Cara, a fellow Canuck and Ontario-dweller who just dropped her debut album, Know-It-All. It’s a solid debut that captures the exact awkward, innocent, dramatic and joyful moments of the years between adolescence and adulthood, and probably a record that will gain significant momentum in the months to come.

A Few Thoughts About Spectre (Slight Spoilers Ahead)

  • The first forty minutes are very well done, and then things become an odd patchwork of plots and ideas that attempts to tie all of the Daniel Craig-starring Bond films together, but fail.
  • The opening credits sequence is gorgeous and now all I do is listen to Sam Smith’s “The Writing’s On The Wall”.
  • When is the James Bond x H&M collection coming out?
  • In many movies, a villain that posts pictures of deceased characters might come off as creepy, but here it’s just so, so lame.
  • Monica Bellucci is a stunner.
  • I don’t feel wrong about my overall opinion of this movie (which is that I hate it) because my dad, a lifetime James Bond fan and viewer of mindless action films, also hated it.

Snowpiercer Is Becoming a TV Show

Snowpiercer is a Korean sci-fi dystopian film that came out in North America last year about a train that circles the Earth with the remaining survivors during an endless Ice Age. It’s a fantastic film with some great choreographed fight-scenes and intriguing plot. It was reported earlier this week that the film is being adapted for television and will be executive produced by the director, Bong Joon-Ho. The first of many questions: how many seasons can this show last on a train?

Julia Roberts, Meet Julia Roberts

Because who could fathom there being more than one Julia Roberts in the world.


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