The Overload: Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, I Can’t Get Enough of Santigold and Vice Announces Viceland

Welcome to The Overload, my weekly post where I share pieces of by-now stale pop culture things and news, reheat and comment  on it for your reading pleasure every Friday! On this week’s edition…

Aziz Ansari’s Master of None Debuts on Netflix

Aziz Ansari (Parks and Rec, author of Modern Love) returns to television with his new show, Master of None. The little girl in me will always squeal any time I see South Asians make their way front-and-centre in North American film and television, especially when they’re exceptionally talented; it also helps that this show is getting some fantastic reviews. I will be binging this show starting tonight and writing about it after this weekend, so just check in on Twitter to see how deeply I’ve sunken into my couch this weekend.

Quentin Tarantino vs. Police

In a recent protest against police brutality, Quentin Tarantino suggested that police are “murderers”, and shortly followed-up to clarify that he does not believe all police are murderers. In response, police across America are boycotting Tarantino films (including his upcoming release The Hateful Eight out this December, and to follow-up on that, Executive Director of the Fraternal Order of the Police, Jim Pasco, promised that “Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element.” This is ominous. Read about this story in-depth here.

Vibes, Vibes, Vibes: Santigold, Grimes, Alessia Cara, Coldplay, Banks

My favourite new tune of the week is Santigold’s swingin’ bubble pop “Can’t Get Enough of Myself”, but I haven’t given Grimes’ new album “Art Angels” a solid listen yet. Alessia Cara’s album is available for an early listen on NPR Music, but only if you’re a US resident. Coldplay debuted their new single “The Adventure of a Lifetime”, which really isn’t so much of an adventure as much as it is my once-all-time-favourite band just playing catch up to today’s kids (but hey, they’ve got a new album and tour on the way, so I’ll reserve 80% of my judgment until that happens.) Finally, I saw Banks open for The Weeknd and play a stadium for the first time! Despite her incredible talent, I just want to see her again in a dark moody club so we can dwell in beats and emotions (and see her perform her new song “Better” which is heavy on everything in the best of ways.) PS – I made a playlist for Live in Limbo this week, give it a listen!

H&M x Balmain Releases and the World Goes Mad

The sentiment of thousands across the world after the Balmain x H&M launch

I’ll just redirect you to the post I wrote earlier today on this matter.

Because it’s 2015.

Earlier this week Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sworn into office. The ceremony was followed by a press event, where one reporter asked Trudeau why it was important for him have a gender-balanced cabinet. Some call his response smug, anti-feminist and question the merits of those selected, others suggest that he should have further justified his decision to talk about those merits, and quite a few in between just enjoyed the blatant comical tone attached to the obviousness of the response. Take your pick.

Vice Announces “Viceland”  with Rogers

Vice Media is launching a new television network in Canada called Viceland and will be investing $100 million with Rogers Telecommunications to create production facilities. I’m excited that they’re starting their 24 hour television stream in Canada. it’s going to be interesting to watch the promotional ramp up and convince the digital age adolescents/mid twenty year olds to convert back to television, but Vice has always been about creating compelling content.  Excuse me while I go campaign for my next job on their digital team.

The Force Awakens Posters

Yeah, I’m on the Star Wars tip too – although I’m probably not nearly as passionate as others out there. The original trilogy was a crucial part of my childhood, in a time where VHS dominated and my dad obsessed over surround sound systems (wait, he still does that.) I have a lot of fond memories watching those films on the weekend with my family, and I’m really excited to take them to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December. Until then, I’ll just stare at this poster of John Boyega (and all the cool kids, except Luke Skywalker, because no one knows where he is these days.)


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