The What: TIFF15 (Day 5)

One thing that I’ve learned in my couple of years at TIFF is to prepare yourself for the unexpected. Although I carefully and meticulously planned out my schedule, I’ve found myself constantly revisiting it to change according to emerging reviews and celebrity spotting opportunities. It’s pretty exhausting at times (and I’m already sick), but sometimes going with the flow yields some pretty fun results.

The last few days have mostly been filled with volunteer shifts and rescheduling, but there have been a few surprises along the way. For one, I ended up rushing Freeheld this past Sunday and received a ticket for free; stumbled upon Tom Hiddleston’s after-party for High-Rise (with a special cameo from Luke Evans); found myself trailing premieres on King West and casually strolling in a hallway past Geoffrey Rush. While I’m still trying to recover from a very sweet encounter with Childish Gambino, I thought I’d serve up a few snaps from the Spotlight and The Dressmaker premieres that I visited yesterday on Day 5 at TIFF.

PS – head over to my Instagram for more moments!


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