Then And Always Thursday…on a Saturday




“Mom Week” took place this past week. It’s an annual week celebration for all things mom, since my mom’s birthday always follows Mother’s Day. Between running around and finding last minute presents, coordinating meals with friends and family, and actually setting up activities to do with my mom, it’s a pretty busy time. While I try to express my gratitude and love for my mom throughout the year, it’s nice to be able to celebrate everything that she is in a big way on two separate but close occasions.

For my third and final Then and Always post, I wanted to talk about my mom and celebrate her one more time during Mom Week. She is my best friend and my best fan. I am grateful that I have always had an extremely positive and strong relationship with her, which really falls on her infinite amount of patience and grace. She has always made me feel comfortable enough to talk to her about decisions and issues, rant to her or cry with her when life wasn’t so swell. She is the first person that I call for advice, the last one I say good night to every night, and the number one person who I know will always understand me, even if I am completely illogical. She pushes me to strive for more in life, inspires me to enjoy the simpler moments, and cheers me on even when I succeed in the smallest of ways. She is encouraging, considerate, and humble.

She is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is keen on exploring the world, one country at a time. She loves her CW teen dramas as much as she loves her Indian soap operas. She hosts mahjong parties for her and her friends on a weekly basis. She is a second mother to many of my friends. She is always on the phone, catching up with one person, following up on another’s health, and giggling with her mother on the phone. She likes going on midnight coffee runs because she is the only person that I know who can drink caffeine that late and not feel awake. She likes to dance and is an avid concert-goer. In fact, she took me to my very first pop concert when I was eleven. Last summer, when I won tickets to Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter tour, she was the first person I invited to be my date, and we danced the night away together. We’re set to repeat our antics this summer when B and Hov perform in Toronto, but until then, I am sure I will spend many a weekend baking up a sugar free storm.

She has been, and always will be, my everything. Happy Mom Week, Ma. You’re the greatest.

Then And Always Thursdays celebrates Penguin Canada’s upcoming release, ‘Then And Always‘, which releases on May 20th. My full review of the novel will be posted on May 19th for Penguin Canada’s blog tour. Until then, make sure to tune in every Thursday where I will share personal anecdotes and memories of the things that I love, then, and always. 


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