Low Carb, Gluten Free Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies

I’m always on the hunt for ways to replace regular all-purpose flour favourites. It’s a bit of a challenge with coconut flour, but I am determined to create a catalogue of recipes that I can reference on a weekly basis. I’m confined to coconut flour because of that giant bag that I’ve been holding on to (and talk about every time I post about one of the recipes I have tried out.) It’s always trial-and-error with coconut flour, but when you finally find a recipe that works, it is extremely satisfying. When you find ways to elevate that recipe, then you’re pretty much Anna Olsen.

A few weeks ago I tried out Comfy Belly’s brownie recipe and it was an instant hit in my house. Last week I had a craving for super chocolate-y brownies, and decided to give Comfy Belly’s fudge-like brownies a shot. Since a lot of Comfy Belly’s recipes have worked out well for me in the past, I was pretty confident that this recipe would turn out delicious, so I took them to the next level by incorporating this cream cheese mixture (without the raspberries).


I had a few slip ups along the way, so I am not 100% certain if the original brownie recipe is supposed to come out as moist and chocolate-y as these did or if it was just a fluke. While adding all of the wet ingredients into the mixture, I completely forgot to add my olive oil. When I was confused as to why the batter was so thick, I added an additional cup of milk…until I realized that I hadn’t put any olive oil in. Then I added the olive oil, and ended up with extremely liquid batter. To compensate, I added three tablespoons of coconut flour, resulting in an increased amount of batter.

If you don’t have powdered erythritol for the cream cheese mixture, make sure you give yourself some time to powder it at home, and break up the cup portion so that you get the right consistency. I have also read other recipes that sweeten the cream cheese with honey, so that might be another option to consider if you don’t feel like spending a lot of quality time with your food processor and erythritol. Given the mishaps I had with the brownie batter, I wish I had made more cream cheese mixture so that it could be swirled to the bottom of the pan. Maybe I shouldn’t be calling myself Anna Olsen just yet.

Regardless of all the hiccups, these brownies came out looking gorgeous and tasted just as good. Even my family members who aren’t into the whole low carb/gluten free/sugar free baking enjoyed them. They were moist and thick, perhaps more on the cake side than brownie side, but delicious all the same. The cream cheese bits balanced out the intense chocolate taste perfectly and made them especially addictive. These will definitely be in regular rotation at my house going forward.


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