Then And Always Thursday

For this week’s Then And Always Thursday, I thought I would bring back an old but very special memory from one of my first days at university. I remember feeling so nervous about moving into a residence that had a reputation for being a bit more on the “wild” side, wondering how I was going to share a bathroom with fourteen other people, and curious about who my roommate would be. That first day was really intimidating because I didn’t know anyone on my floor and most of my friends from high school who attended Western had landed up in other residences.

After setting up my side of my dorm room, saying goodbye to my parents and meeting my roommate, we were supposed to put on our residence t-shirts and collect in the yard outside of our building to get ready for our frosh week opening ceremonies. It was the first time our entire floor had been together for one event and I started talking to a few people (who I’m still friends with to this day) while our frosh leaders organized the entire group and taught us residence cheers for the opening ceremonies. It’s funny how quickly my fears had slipped away and how easily I eased into the whole concept of school spirit (which, during orientation week, got broken down into faculty and residence spirit). I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the first major experience of my new chapter, and an integral one to my identity.

It’s almost been a year since I’ve graduated, and these days I can’t help but recall days like that first day outside of residence, moments where I built up my Mustang pride. The best part is that my enthusiasm for my school is still as strong as it was then. And probably will always be that strong.

Then And Always Thursdays celebrates Penguin Canada’s upcoming release, ‘Then And Always‘, which releases on May 20th. My full review of the novel will be posted on May 19th for Penguin Canada’s blog tour. Until then, make sure to tune in every Thursday where I will share personal anecdotes and memories of the things that I love, then, and always. 


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