Take n’ Bake: Low Carb/Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut Walnut Cookies

I usually plan ahead when I want to bake. I am not really one of those people who just randomly whips up something, mainly because I do not usually have the ingredients on hand like a lot of baking aficionados out there. I am also a far cry from a baking genius who can just throw something together and end up with a creative baked good that is actually edible.

But, like most rules, there are always exceptions. Over the past few days I had an inner cookie monster dying to come out for noms. Last night I decided to finally satisfy the cravings, especially since I already had most of the ingredients that tend to go into cookie recipes in my pantry cupboard because of last week’s venture into donut territory. I just needed the right coconut flour recipe to tie them all together.


I used this Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Emma’s Baking Addiction. The only substitute that I made was erythritol for the sugar, but I also added more coconut flakes and roughly a quarter cup of crushed walnuts into the batter.

The original recipe yields about twenty cookies; mine yielded seventeen in total. Based on the images Emma posted on her blog, the cookies should look more flat and buttery, but because my batter was so thick, my cookies turned out to be denser and larger than hers. It was a little challenging to pack the batter together as mine was a little crumbly, but I managed to get fairly rounded shapes onto the baking pan.

I loved these cookies. They may not be the prettiest, but they taste hella good. They were chewy, moist and just sweet enough for my preferences. The only real issue that I had was that my ratio of walnuts to chocolate chips to coconut flakes was a bit off. Next time I will add more walnuts for a crunchier texture. Other than that, I highly recommend this recipe for a quick fix, and will keep it on hand for future baking sessions.


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