It’s Friday night. I imagine a lot of you are kicking off the weekend by making snow angels or checking out Warm Bodies or heading out to some fancy bar or watching Rudy Gay tear up the courts (can someone confirm that this is an accurate summary? Twitter can lie sometimes) or doing whatever it is that people like to do to celebrate the aftermath of a snow storm.

In the meanwhile, I am learning about ways to nerd the crap out of any of those above activities and break them down within a feminist theory framework. Pop culture, you misogynistic devil, you.

Selfies confirm everything.

Selfies confirm everything.

I’ve been listening to a lot of obscure lounge/ambient music on Songza while figuring out how sexist the professional sports industry can be. I’m sure that other forms of electronic music help people down some enlightening path like the one I’m on right now. I mean, when you’re in the middle of an Avicii concert and you’ve got sweat raining down on you from the top of the tent you’re tucked away in, you’ve got to be questioning your level of hygienic integrity right?

I’m currently doing the same thing. I’ve been up since 9am and haven’t changed out of my pajamas save for the 15 minutes I spent outside with my roommate attempting to make snowballs out of the powdered sugar lying around outside. To our disappointment we couldn’t use it for that or for donuts, so instead we just let nature werk it.

Ice on the fringe, that's so damn frosty.

Ice on the fringe, that’s so damn frosty.

In recent days I’ve been on a bit of a childhood/teenage year kick due to the mini-Destiny’s Child reunion we were all treated to last weekend. I couldn’t help but wish for my pink snowsuit from when I was six while trudging through the wintery depths of my backyard, but then my BFF rescued my nostalgia levels by informing me about a Tamagotchi app that’s coming out. Sally’s coming back, y’all!

But sometimes you do need to look back in the past and show some love for the good ol’ days. You know, the ones where being a multi-platinum artist wasn’t the prerequisite to being a creative hotshot or television networks weren’t regulating outfits at the Grammy’s. The ones where piercings and dyed hair ruled. The ones where The Prodigy were the creative hotshots.

My present to you. Seriously, watch it. It’s awesome. It’ll get you going better than any Skrillex song. I’m sure Forever 21 will be selling the lead singer’s sweater any day now since wearing the 1990s is a thing these days.

Also, if this post seemed incoherent at all, it’s because of the Pumpkin Spice Latte I made without pumpkin spice but plenty of coffee to compensate. If you want to avoid drinking what is essentially a liquified Halloween decoration, I would highly suggest you include that key ingredient. Maybe a little bit of nutmeg, too.

Happy Weekend!